Just a few of the many success stories at the Heart of Now:

What was revealed to me in all the eyes, tears and smiles of the weekend is the beauty of myself and the awesome power I have to choose that which enhances this unfolding experience of life.

This has greatly affected my life in a positive way. Not a day goes by that I don't feel fortunate for having experienced the Heart of Now. Nothing I have ever done has had nearly this lasting effect!

Really, my whole life has changed since I first came to the Heart of Now. This is the first time I have felt so fully empowered, powerful in my body. I feel really tall all of a sudden. Thank you.

Participating in the Heart of Now as both a student and assistant has deepened connection with myself, others, and spirit. The practice of honesty is so empowering in my life. I breathe, tune into my body, see what is real for me, and speak my truth - letting go of wanting any results. I continue to be blown away when I share with others something that I thought was wrong with me, and it actually brings me closer to them. I feel this energy running through my body that had not been there for a long time.

I saw clearly that I make a choice in every moment to be empowered. The Heart of Now also gave me valuable tools to use when I'm feeling disharmony in my relationship with others. The course gave me the courage to be present in many aspects of my life - friends, family, and work - where I had been struggling.
-Sue N.

I smiled and laughed more than I have from inner joy in a long time.
-Nicole D.

The Heart of Now provides me with a template for self-understanding and transformation which beings me inner peace. The Heart of Now brings hope and joy to my heart, because each time I participate, I witness my own and others awakening to self-love and forgiveness. And I see us taking that love and forgiveness out in the world community.
-Aloha H.

This workshop and my ongoing involvement as an Assistant over the last year has literally changed my life. It has brought me to an even greater place of integrity and love with myself, my friends, my community, and my family. Through these teachings I have learned many new skills and ways of being to further connect with my own feelings and needs and thus communicate them even better. It has been an experience in both grounding and evolution for me.

The Heart of Now has been a great contributor in my life by allowing me to realize and practice certain tools I need to be more effective in the world.
-Traci B.

The Heart of Now has allowed me to put in practice my growing ability to connect with other people! I have found a great deal of self confidence and inner strength.

The concentration of love and attention that I felt [at the Heart of Now] flushed out emotions deeply buried and helped emancipate and integrate part of who I am that have long been repressed and neglected.
-Ellen O

I love and accept who I am so much more now. There are some great people in this world. I'm not alone anymore.
-Ann H.

Words alone cannot explain the array of sensations and emotions I feel. I feel the weight off my shoulders and end enjoyed the company of other beings. Thank you! It's been too long!
-Cassandra A.

I now know that all that I need is available to me in each moment.

The Heart of Now helped me to identify that there is an awesome part of me that I can turn to and count on.
-Don S.

The Heart of Now is the most powerful and well orchestrated transformational experience of my life.
-Elizabeth F.

I thought that I was so broken that I'd never be strong enough to be there emotionally for others. The Heart of Now has been such a beautiful supportive and encouraging experience. I can't think or imagine any other way to connect so deeply with myself in such a short amount of time. I never realized that the key to my freedom was in being with others and allowing others to be with me. Thank you.
-Stef D.

The gentle, supportive environment and diversity of approaches and the "there are no experts/we are all experts" elements combine with a group consciousness and magic to bring transformation faster than any therapy I know.
-Rufast F.

The emphasis on heart here is distinct and unique to The Heart of Now and it was at that level that I was able to feel the way I felt as a child in dealing with the painful past with my dad as distinct from a more intellectual approach that I was offered in prior seminars.
-Pamela B.

You folks have appeared in my world like the fairy's coming out of the woods to answer my beckoning. You've shown me that being human can be an art form.
- Jen F.

HON has allowed me to put into practice my growing ability to connect with other people. I have found a great deal of self confidence and inner strength.
-Nicole H.

To me, this is not just a workshop, it's a lifesyle choice. it supports my deepest vision.
-Jeremey F.

The greatest thing I learned was how common my feelings are.
-David D.

I have learned to love, accept and appreciate myself like I never have before. Moving through what appeared to be insurmountable personal blocks to emotional release, I got me back.

Best therapy ever!
-Joshua T.

I don't even know how to put the impact into words. I am changed, I am Revealed, and I am loved.
-Angela H.

"The gifts I have received from everyone including myself are wonderfully overwhelming! I feel so full, so ripe, so thankful, so open, and best of all so loving and lovable!!! The impact this weekend has made on me is beyond words!! Magic does happen! I am now gaining an understanding of things that I have only heard about prior--amazing and renewing!!"
-Jami W.

"After the workshop I felt good and very close to all the folks that participated, but I wondered how the things we experienced during that weekend would apply to my life outside of that. I am pleased and excited to say that the effects have been wonderfully present, as have I. Sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, but always positive, the increased awareness and openness have served me well in several instances where my relationship had become stuck or was dying due to my fear to be really honest and engage. Previously, I could feel the block but didn't know what it was or how to address it. It is beautiful to watch things open and unfold again, and begin to heal."
-Kalen P.

"Thank you for a life changing weekend. Many years ago I became aware that I was in a lot of pain. I looked for relief in many places. I read books, sought counseling and therapy, took pills, and took up ancient practices for this relief. Some gave me hope and others got me closer to relief but in the end being close or hopeful was not enough. I had images of me living a pain filled life for the rest of my days. I would not and could not live that life forever. Today is different. I have tools to change this pain into understanding and compassion for myself and to get back into my heart. I wonder if pain is just our hearts calling us back when we leave it?"
-Gregory B.