Spirit of Now

Spirit of Now is a unique opportunity to explore the emotions connected with your spirituality.

This course has created space for amazing breakthroughs and healing. We can help you embody your beautiful soul.

We will be addressing issues such as:

  • How do we reconcile our faith with our doubts?
  • Can we balance our suffering in the world with the joy of being alive?
  • Can we trust the dark places in ourselves to lead us to greater unity with spirit?

All people of any faith or spiritual tradition are welcome to this workshop. We recommend that you attend our Heart of Now: the Basics course first, but if you are drawn to attend the Spirit of Now and are new to our programs, please contact our office or speak to a facilitator.

The workshop is typically offered in the Fall.

For more information, please call 541-579-3084, or email info@heartofnow.org.