Individual Sessions

Individual Heart of Now Sessions offers many of the same benefits that you’ll experience in the Heart of Now workshop except that you’ll be working directly with an experienced facilitator who can provide you with focused support when you need it.

There are some great people in this world. I'm not alone anymore.
-Ann H.

Our Facilitators

Heart of Now facilitators are people who have been actively involved for an extended period of time in the practices offered in the Heart of Now workshops, and feel passionate about supporting people to live from a place of heart-centered presence and power.

Each Heart of Now facilitator brings a wealth of unique experience, skills, knowledge, and wisdom to their client relationships. To learn more about our staff, read the staff bios. Once you know who you would like to meet with, email them directly, or call the Heart of Now office to set up an appointment. You are always at liberty to see different facilitators depending on your needs.

Optimize Your Experience!

The greatest thing I learned was how common my feelings are.
-David D.

We highly recommend that you participate in the Heart of Now workshop as an adjunct to any individual support that you seek, either before getting one-to-one attention, or any time between your meetings with a facilitator. The weekend workshop offers a powerful, community-based transformational experience that provides an unrivalled level of safety and support for resolving your personal issues and moving energy. Thousands of Heart of Now graduates have reported benefitting immensely from their experiences in the workshop. See some testimonials of past grads.

If you're seeking traditional therapy, look elsewhere.

We do not offer psychotherapy or licensed counseling, however our sessions can be extremely transformative. Feel free to speak with one of our facilitators if you have questions or concerns regarding this distinction, or if you would like more information.

Making Our Services Accessible

We believe that the kind of support we offer is valuable and important and should be widely available. Our sessions are offered on a sliding scale to meet your financial needs. Multiple sessions may be available at a discount when you pay in advance.

The average rates for counseling/coaching services in this region range from $60-$110 per hour.

Our sliding scale is $40-$100 per hour.

Phone and Home Visits

Heart of Now facilitators are available for phone sessions, and may be willing to visit you in your home if that is more convenient for you. Please inquire ahead of time if this is something you would like or need.