Heart of Now I

Thank you again for a life-changing weekend. I had been living with a sense of insecurity, not knowing where to turn, afraid that true freedom was too scary for me. I finally allowed myself to feel anger and sorrow that had been weighing on me for so many years. Trusting my heart, life is starting to take on a natural flow. I have so much to say, so much to learn, so much to experience. The world is opening up to me. What a great gift. Thank you!

At the Heart of Now I people rediscover themselves. The theme of this course is being present, with our breath and our body, our feelings and our thoughts, ourselves and each other. Participants find the healing, clarity, and connection they seek, as they become aware of what they feel and what they want in each moment. This workshop is experiential. You'll spend time in exercises of all types, learning about your experience, with a minimum of being talked at from the front of the room.

One of the unique qualities of Heart of Now I is we have large teams of assistants in addition to the facilitators. The assistants are both there to serve and support you, and to continue their own growth and transformation. Between the assistants and the participants we form a real community over the weekend. Many folks find the Heart of Now to be one of the most profound experiences of community they've ever had. And once you've attended the course, you'll be welcome to come back as a student to further your growth or apply to join our assistant team.

To sign up to assist, please register on the registration link as you would if you were attending as a student. Assistants begin Thursday morning.

The Heart of Now program begins at 9 AM on Friday, and finishes Sunday around 3:30pm. Meals and sleeping accommodations are provided. You will find more details about fees and scholarship opportunities for this course by going to our Registration Page.

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What is The Heart of Now?

Heart of Now reawakened me to the possibilities inside myself and helped me feel more confident and energetic about what I can do with the rest of my life.

The essence of The Heart of Now is the practice of presence with your whole self: your emotions, your thoughts, your body, and the part of you that is connected to everyone and everything, the place from which your dreams and visions spring.When you are present with yourself, you can be present with others and with the circumstances of your life. In this place of presence, you are free from the limitations that have held you back, and all possibilities are available to you--you are free to create your life as you want it to be.


Here is Our Schedule of Upcoming Heart of Now Workshop Dates and Locations