Heart of Now for Communities:

We now manifest, with great success, our intention of living together in right relationship and harmony since completing the Heart of Now workshop.
- SusanJoy

We are passionate about bringing the Heart of Now to other communities; using it to create successful, joyous community life. We are able to either schedule a special Heart of Now for your community here in Eugene, or travel to your location! We have a special version of the Heart of Now designed specifically for communities, with a stronger focus on heart-centered communication. We will also specially tailor the details of the workshop to the needs of your community.

The Heart of Now for Communities is an experience. You'll spend most of your time practicing, and connecting. At the Heart of Now we practice full presence and self-honesty, focusing on breath and body, which takes our awareness to a deeper level. We practice communicating skillfully with an open heart, telling our truth in a way that builds close relationships, as well as moves our community toward excellence. We'll also focus on noticing our ideas and filters that keep us from seeing others clearly. And accepting ourselves and others in ways that lead to action, transformation, and living in our vision.

Once the workshop is over, you'll receive a packet of information to continue your practice of heart of Now individually, as well as a guide for setting up Heart of Now practice groups in your community. You'll also have the opportunity to assist in future courses, furthering your own growth and contributing to others.

Here's a few of the comments our participants have shared with us:

There is a way of being together as humans where love and connection, feeling safe and open can exist. It is not a dream or an imagining. It is real. I am living it now, more so than ever, and I am witnessing it in the members of my community. We now manifest, with great success, our intention of living together in right relationship and harmony since completing the Heart of Now workshop.
- SusanJoy, Three Springs Community, CA


I am deeply moved and profoundly altered from my Heart of Now experience. As I have been going about my day here at Breitenbush, it has felt as though I am seeing my world through an entirely different set of lenses. My heart is open and my body is peaceful, welcoming and receptive. I am grateful beyond what words can express for the Heart of Now experience and the opening that has occurred for me as a result of this weekendÂ’s work.
- Elizabeth F., Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR


I truly believe that the techniques and skills learned through the Heart of Now workshops have helped our community survive and even thrive over the years. It gives us a shared language and commitment to honesty with self and others, which also fosters more intimacy and mutual support for our personal and spiritual growth path.
- Dianne B., co-founder of Lost Valley Educational Center, OR


The Heart of Now I course generally lasts two and a half days. For courses specific to your community, the course can be lengthened or shortened to fit your schedule. Our base cost to bring the Heart of Now to your community is $1,700-2,00 plus travel expenses, with an opportunity for individuals to make an optional donation at the end of the course. This covers our entire HoN Communities course including two facilitators and as many assistants as are available in your area. We will send out an in-depth questionnaire to all attendees, and use this information to tailor the workshop to best meet the needs of your community.

To set up a Heart of Now for your community please call us at 541-579-3084.

We look forward to exploring community with you!