Working From the Heart:

You helped us remember we trusted each other enough to want to work on communicating.

Every business and non-profit has the ability to effectively reach its goals and have employees who enjoy the process. And each business has the wisdom within the group to make the choices that create this joyful and dynamic atmosphere. At Working From the Heart, we'll give the opportunity to practice skills of awareness, communication, and proactivity, that will help individuals be more fulfilled, and lead to a group that succeeds both in terms of what they produce, and creating a positive human experience for everyone involved.

We'll begin by giving an in depth questionnaire to all the employees who will be participating in the Heart of Now, and analyze their needs to design a workshop especially for you.

These tools are the way we are going to be successful in the growth process of our business!

Our workshops are experiential, combining teaching with lots of practice and time for you to tap into the wisdom of your group. We'll focus on the basics of communication, proactivity, and awareness. And we'll add a few focuses such as appreciation, power structures, effective meetings, dealing with difficult relationships, self-care and preventing burnout, and meeting basic human needs at work, depending on the needs of your business.

We'll provide opportunities for all members of your business to bring out their ideas and concerns in a way that is cooperative and focused on making things better, rather than complaining. We'll provide tools to keep practicing the skills you've learned after the workshop.

"The days with Heart of Now helped us remember we trusted each other enough to want to work on communicating, and helped us to find safe places to say the scariest of things to those we care about and with whom we work every day. It was remarkable to find that the world didn't end when we identified and spoke those words, and how much lighter we felt afterwards. It was a glimpse at the reality that we don't have to live with baggage---work doesn't feel like work when the air has been cleared. It is a practice we are working to bring to every level of the organization, in a hope that it becomes an everyday way of thinking and listening and speaking. I think these tools of communicating are the way we are going to be successful in the growth process of our business!"-Ruth, Oneonta Co-op, Decorah, IA

The Heart of Now will change your organization, taking your effectiveness, and your relationships to the next level.

We offer one and two-day courses. Call for a quote on our rates 541-579-3084 to set up a Working From the Heart for your organization, or for more information.

Join us in Working From the Heart!