For Graduates of the Heart of Now I

Anyone who has completed the Heart of Now is eligible to be an Assistant in future courses. Assisting is a great way to grow your connection to our vibrant Heart of Now Community!

Participating in the Heart of Now as an assistant has deepened connection with myself, others, and spirit.

Assistants express their creativity through providing the physical ambiance of the Heart of Now - cooking scrumptious food, making beautiful spaces, and by directly being present with and supporting each other and the participants. There is a wide range of experience and skill levels within our assisting teams, and there is a place for everybody to make an important contribution. Assisting deepens your experience of service and camaraderie by working toward shared goals together. Most Assistants experience profound growth, and many form lasting friendships.

In addition to providing participants with an incredible experience of support, Assisting allows people to give back to the workshop and create a balance of giving and receiving within the context of joyful personal growth.

Fee and Times for Assisting

We ask a "pass through" cost for assisting to defray our food and venue costs; it varies from course to course and is usually around $40 we always welcome a donation above that to support Heart of Now!
To sign up to assist, contact the assistant coordinator for Heart of Now

Assisting for our off site courses are handled by our off site coordinators. If you have any questions about assisting, feel free to contact us.