Making Your Dreams Come True

Yes, joy is possible, and in the first half of this advanced Heart of Now workshop, we will explore the choices that will help lead to joy in our lives. When we speak of joy, we are not referring to happiness in every moment. That is not human. But we can experience a sense of deep joy that runs through our lives, even in the moments when we feel sad or frustrated.

We will not learn how to create our reality. We already create the life we see around us. We just need to learn to create the reality we truly want. In this workshop we will explore choosing to focus on the positive in ourselves and our lives. We will get in touch with the desires of our heart and soul and practice making life choices that align us with our passions. And we will explore the ideas we have that powerfully affect our lives. Nourishing those that affirm us and are in harmony with reality, and letting go of the rest.

In the second half of Making Your Dreams Come True, each participant will choose the one dream they most want to create in their life. And we will practice making the choices that will make that happen. We will express our passion, explore what our life would be like, if we actually acted as if this dream was the most important thing in our life. We will notice and begin breaking through the barriers to our dream, and we will look at ways we can ask for help.

This course is usually held in the Spring season. We look forward to seeing you at Making Your Dreams Come True. Contact our office at 541-579-3084 or by email at