Dancing on the Edge

Words alone cannot explain the array of sensations and emotions I feel.
-Cassandra A.

Dancing on the Edge starts with the practice of being present explored in Heart of Now I: Our Basic Course, and takes it into the edges and depths of our being. Folks come to Dancing on the Edge and experience a profound transformation of who they are as an individual, and who they are in the world. Some make life changing decisions, others take concepts they have carried in their head, and bring them deep into their body and their life. Almost no one leaves the same as they came in.

Really, my whole life has changed since I first came to the Heart of Now.

Dancing on the Edge starts with the deep trust level built at Heart of Now I: Our Basic Course. We look at our bodies, our core wounds, our life purpose, and our feelings about life and existence. And we do it in a way that is light and creative as well as deep. You'll spend about half the weekend in the same pod of 4-5 people, forming a deeper relationship with these folks.

Dancing on the Edge is a day longer than Heart of Now I: Our Basic Course, Starting Thursday at 7:00pm and ending Sunday night. The deposit for Dancing on the Edge is $395 ($325 if received three weeks before the course) and the rest of the course is by donation. Our suggested donation for this huge experience is $400-1000 (deposit included).

Please contact us at 541-579-3084 or at info@heartofnow.org

Dancing on the Edge Testimonials

The Dancing on the Edge experience was the most transformational experience I've had in my life so far in helping me get past major blocks, fears and wounding. Each workshop feels equivalent to at least three years of therapy. It has helped me to see clearly why our dramas happen and how to get past them.
- Rivers

Dancing on the Edge codified my puzzle pieces into a concrete union of my purpose on this planet at this moment in time, which as been a huge doubt for me for many years, for example, Why and I here? Clearing out old emotional wounds has been invaluable to opening the channel of my heart and soul to fulfill its mission and I am standing on the edge of my life, ready to dive in heart first.
- Pamela

I feel trust and levity blossoming in me. I feel more accepting of myself and more familiar with and excited about my power and place in community.
- Marika

I realized many things about myself, both when I felt connected to the activity we were doing, and when I was not enjoying it. I thought that it was great that I got something out of everything we did. I feel I moved a significant piece of blockage within my soul. It was a hugely important part of my growth and I feel very connected, supported and loved.
- Hope

I felt reborn and welcomed into the world.
- Dexter

I have learned how to embrace my juicy, alive self; fully let go of my need to follow rules and instead, allow myself to dance and play and explore all parts of myself.
- Amanda

I feel that a piece of my Self returned and it feels whole, good and safe to BE in my body for the first time!
- Aloha

Yummy and beautiful!
- Teri

Dancing on the Edge helped me face the voices that dominated me with expectations, it allowed me the space to feel comfortable with myself; to explore different ideas and make decisions about what works and doesn't work for me.
- Anonymous

I felt connected to myself, my feelings and the people around me. I was able to grieve for my childhood and my relationship with my father.
- Dana

Dancing on the Edge opened my heart to a new way of being.
- Andrew

Dancing on the Edge enabled me to revisit my trauma, try it on, and then realize that I am all done identifying with it.
- Lea

Dancing on the Edge...freed me to explore emotional places that I have feared in the past.
- Cynthia

I am now ready to change my life with my vision.
- Sue

I am more comfortable with my power, and I know that my humor is deep and healing. The difference between me and my feelings and others' ideas of my feelings is more evident!
- Madison

I let myself fully love myself and others for the first time in a long friggin' time!
- Bob

I'm feeling more myself and more accepting of my path.
- Wendi

There's a deepening experience for me in my connection to myself, to others and life in general. I feel a large chunk of my pattern with feeling disconnected has been lessened. I meant to continue to take more risks and put myself out there.
- Deb

I really enjoyed rediscovering my playful side and my innocence. It was great to cry heard and laugh hard in the same short time. Dancing on the Edge was definitely about being at choice and in some ways I wish I had danced closer to my own edges but I really enjoyed what I did and felt empowered by being able to choose in each moment.
- Maggie

I am more aware of my life purpose and my immediate goals and values. I feel more confident that what I have to offer is valuable. I am making choices that reflect an honoring of myself.
- Kara

I learned on a deeper level that safety comes from within and is not related to my sense of control over external configurations in my life.
- kaseja

Dancing on the Edge helped me to connect with what I was really feeling deep inside. The exercises had a good balance between sitting and talking and movement and expression
- Ross

Dancing on the Edge brought me to a new awareness of the fragility and beauty of this life and the meaning in each moment.
- Susan