Heart of Now Donors

I literally cannot think of a better way to serve the world than with this work.
-D B

Help the Heart of Now continue to develop programs that bring happier, more fulfilling lives and brighter futures to people. Help us help people and change lives. This work would not be possible without the efforts and contributions of friends like you; people who have experienced the programs and know first hand what a difference this work makes in the lives of the people it touches.

You can also make a donation to the Heart of Now by contacting us at info@heartofnow.org calling us at 541-579-3084 or mailing a check to the address below. Calling us, or making an initial payment via the donate button above and then e-mailing us are the best way to make monthly donations.

Checks should be made out to:

Heart of Now
24600 W. Demming Road
Elmira, OR 97437