Heart of Now Community Group

cancelled for the winter.

If you are looking for a place to experience being present - mind and body, spirit and emotion, in each moment;

If you are looking for a place to listen to your heart, to be your real self, and to be seen and heard by others;

If you are looking for a community to grow with, a place to build relationships based on honesty and love;

Then Heart of Now Community Group is for you.

The driving principle of Heart of Now is that the truth is within each of us, and if we simply listen to and act on our truth, moment by moment, this will bring us all that we need. And as we live this way with others, intimacy and real community happens.

Heart of Now is experiential. You will experience and share, not just listen to someone else's wisdom.

Community Group Meetings

Unity of the Valley at 39th and Hilyard, Eugene, OR.

At most Heart of Now Community Groups, you will experience one exercise with direct mind/body presence in each moment with self and others, the opportunity for intimate small group sharing, and one special exercise where we explore our ideas, our desires, our communication, or other aspects of how we relate to ourselves and others.

There is a vibrant group of folks who practice Heart of Now in their lives in the Eugene and Portland, Oregon areas, many of whom also have participated in our wonderful weekend workshops. And these folks strengthen the experience of our Community groups.

So join us in the Heart of Now!