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About the Heart of Now

Our Mission:

The purpose of the Heart of Now is to radically change the way people live their lives, interact with each other and see the world. Our goal is to influence individuals, groups, organizations and political movements, primarily by supporting and educating people to become present, flexible and fully alive. We live by the truth that each individual has value and wisdom and that we all are teachers as well as students.

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What Is the Heart of Now?

About Us

The Heart of Now is staffed by a group of committed volunteers who wish to contribute to the world.


Our Facilitators:

Lisa Stein

Lisa Stein has been participating in the Heart of Now since 2001 and facilitating since 2006. She has been involved in personal growth work for the last thirty years. Her roots are in co-counseling, gestalt, dream-work, psychotherapy, and process-oriented psychology which she incorporates into her work as a facilitator and mediation counselor.

"We can heal. From wherever we start, our life can get lighter and easier. We can get in touch with the ideas and emotions that have us repeating unwelcome behavior patterns. Becoming aware of them in a visceral way (not just talking about it) will create more room for change. Email Lisa at

Kim Krichbaum

Kim Krichbaum has been facilitating Heart of Now since 2000, and other personal growth experiences for almost 40 years. It is one of the great joys of his life. He has extensive experience in gestalt, encounter, body work, and co-counseling as well as other modalities.

What he loves most about the Heart of Now, is that it brings out the wisdom of each person, rather than just focusing on the wisdom of the folks in front of the room. When not involved in Heart of Now, you might see Kim doing Ecstatic Dance or singing karaoke. He wants his life to be as much like a musical as possible. Email Kim at

Krysty Simons has been studying interpersonal growth and working one on one with people for over 20 years. She first came to Heart of Now in 2004. She loves helping people find their inner joy and ability to embrace life for all it has to offer. Her goal in life is facilitate how to love and be love! Krysty has never seen a modality that helps transform people's lives more than what she has witnessed and experienced herself at Heart of Now. Krysty also works one on one with others as a Transformational Life Coach. When she is not helping Heart of Now, she is often found enjoying her time in nature, relaxing at the hot springs, doing art, and exploring the depths of human connection with her partner Adam. Krysty and her partner Adam also run a painting and construction company. Email Krysty at