Be you.  Be what you love.  Be free.

The Heart of Now is one of the most powerful transformational experiences anywhere, and has touched the lives of thousands of individuals, helping bring them clarity, healing, connection, and greater joy.


Our standard Heart of Now workshop is a 3-day personal growth experience for individuals, held regularly near or in Eugene, Oregon.


We are also beginning to offer the program in various locations across the country, see our course schedule for details. Workshops specifically tailored to businesses and intentional communities are also available, view our programs page for more information.

The Heart of Now is the most powerful and well orchestrated transformational experience of my life.
-Elizabeth F.

Each Heart of Now program is led by skilled facilitators, along with a team of enthusiastic assistants. The program offers elegant structures and exercises, and a strong, balanced set of concepts...but the key to Heart of Now's success is you! We believe that each individual has within them all the wisdom and energy they need to create what they want and to fully live their dreams. The focus of our workshops is giving each person the opportunity to listen deeply to themselves, noticing what they want and feel in each moment, and to do this not only with themselves but with others. Within an open structure, each individual finds their own path to awareness and healing.

See what some of our participants have said about their Heart of Now experiences.


FREE Introductory Workshops and Practice Groups

Practice groups are for both people new to Heart of Now who want to find out what we are about in a casual atmosphere and for group members to re-connect and strengthen their skills.

Dec. 22nd 5:30-7pm potluck. 7-9 practice group. 755 River Rd. Park 645 River Rd in the lot with the sign that says "Happy Hours".

Call Krysty 303-263-4237 or Lisa 541-579-3084 for more information.

Newport Practice Group:

First and third Tuesdays of each month at The Spiritual Center for God's Living Heart - 324 Coast Highway (Hwy 101) in Newport. 7:00pm to 9:00pm, love offerings accepted. Phone 903-271-8896 for questions, directions or RSVP.

Upcoming Courses

Heart of Now

  • Jan 28th, HoN community input gathering.

  • Feb 17-19th, 2017

  • March 17-19th, 2017

  • May 12-14th, 2017

For more information call (541) 579-3084, or registration at (907) 271-8896.

A two part interview with facilitator Kim Krichbaum